Analyzing Golf Swing Theory

Let us understand a few swing facts straight off. The golf swing theory of ‘Grip it and rip it’ is old as the game of golf itself. It is neither helpful to budding golfers and amateurs, nor does it bear fruit for professional golfers, least of all Tiger Woods, whose swings are well-thought out and well-executed.

Golf swing theory is useful in explaining some aspects of the swing – why some of your swing actions lead to some specific results. This in turn would help in correcting the actions. Perfecting a golf swing is the ultimate test of patience and golf swing theory helps you gain self-control to achieve the perfect swing.

Golf swing theory explains the reasons behind some of incidents in a golfers swing. Slice is the worst enemy of any golfer. Let us examine it further to understand its causes and effects. When you get ready to swing, the most essential requirements are maintaining you body parts parallel to the target and square to the ball and correct placement of ball according to your stance.

A slight variation in any of the above-mentioned factors will set the ball off in the wrong direction. Among these factors, the ones that go wrong most often are the non-alignment of feet to the target and incorrect ball placement in relation to the stance. The position of the ball should be within the stride-length of your feet. In other words, you feet should be able to reach the ball position with ease. It is incorrect to keep the ball more than a full stride ahead of the stance.

Hitting the ball

According to golf swing theory, your grip is also as important as the stance and ball placement. If your grip is not correct, it will cause the club to turn in your hand during the swing. This will cause the ball to fly in directions you never knew existed. The essential aspect of a good grip is that the thumb should be firmly lined up along the shaft of the club. Most golfers go wrong here. They wrap their thumbs around the club, which causes them endless grief. Pay attention to this aspect and see the improvement.

The last piece of golf swing theory concerns hitting the ball. When you have paid enough attention to your stance, ball placement and correct grip, then the swing action comes automatically without any conscious effort. Take care to keep you left arm straight during the backswing, if you are a right-handed player. In case of left-handed players, the right arm should be kept straight. Ensure than you are pivoting on one axis during the swing. Keep your head down during the follow-through. Killing the ball is the last thing you should be doing to have a great swing. Understanding various aspects of golf swing theory and executing a controlled swing will get you results without fail every time.